Credenhill is the leading specialist distributor of compression hosiery and complimentary equipment, supplying hospitals and pharmacies across the UK with products to suit the needs of every patient.

We stock the widest range of compression hosiery available on the National Health Service Drug Tariff as well as Venosan, our premium range Swiss specification medical stockings. This gives the customer a choice of brand, compression strength, style, colour and price most suited to individual requirements.

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The Pack contains a tape measure, customer leaflets, MTM measurement pads, additional training material and product guides.

Email: pharmacy@credenhill.co.uk
Fax: 0115 944 0437
Telephone: 0800 195 0160

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Compression Support Stockings, Support Tights, Support Socks, Maternity Support

Daylong Online Shop for Compression Support Hosiery, Support Stockings, Support Tights, Tights, Maternity Tights and Support Socks plus Application aids and Made to Measure Hosiery. If you are a consumer/patient then you can buy online today, if you are a nurse, doctor, medical professional or even a pharmacist then you can use our online shop as a catalogue.

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Made To Measure compression stockings now delivered in 5 working days. Click here for more details or on the image to download the order form.

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